DIE LINKE. Neukölln

19. September 2013 Neukölln

No vote - but you have a choice! Get active!

People from all around the world live in Neukölln. Many of us come from Europe and because of the crisis we decided to move to Berlin for a better future; Merkel’s policies have forced us to leave our homes. We are struggling to adjust to the realities of life as an immigrant which we could not have envisaged five years ago. Here we face low wages, high rents and still have no prospects. Now we are in the country whose government forces the austerity on our people. But now we have the opportunity to resist to this policy from the inside. Wherever your home is, what you do here makes a difference.

DIE LINKE (Left Party) stands for the rights of working people here and internationally. You have the chance to be a part of this struggle.

We invite you to an evening of discussion and information about

• Challenges of life as a young immigrant in Germany

• The struggle against low wages, precarious work, high rents, racism

and sexism

• Movements and social struggles in Germany

• What can we do here against austerity in Europe?

• What do the German elections have to do with us?

DIE LINKE (Left Party) open meeting for English-speakers
Thursday 19 September, 19:00
“Trude Ruth & Goldammer”,
Flughafenstr. 38, Neukölln

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